Motorcycle Accidents – Be Safe, Be Seen

Why is it that despite being smaller in number to car drivers, motorcyclists make up a disproportionately high number of serious injury and fatal accident statistics every year? One percent of road users are motorcyclists yet they make up nearly 10% of the total number of serious accident reports every year. The simple answer is size. Motorcyclists are one-third the width of a car and can be difficult for other road users to see. But “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you!” is not a justifiable excuse for colliding with a vulnerable motorcyclist and while the onus is on other road users to be aware of everyone on the road, it’s also up to motorcyclists to make themselves as visible as possible.
Hi-viz is the new black this season…
While black leather may be the traditional motorcycle clothing of choice, it does nothing to enhance a motorcyclist’s visibility, particularly Workers Compensation Laws Progressive Era at night. High visibility jackets or belts may not be a fashion statement, but they can make a huge difference to staying safe on the road.
The easiest way to make yourself visible to other traffic is to ride with your dipped headlight on, even during a sunny day. Bright coloured safety helmets can also make a huge difference to whether a driver sees you in the mirror or at a junction. But it’s the vivid yellow of a high-viz jacket that really makes a hard-to-see motorcyclist stand out. For the sake of a few pounds, a high-viz jacket could be one of the most important pieces of motorcycle safety clothing you ever invest in.
But what if the worst still happens?
Even if you’ve taken every precaution to make sure you’re seen on the road, the worst can still happen. A moment’s inattention or distraction can result in another road user making a dangerous error of judgement that ends up in a road traffic accident. And without the benefit of a steel Injured At Work Can I Sue cage around them it is the motorcyclist who is going to come off worst every time. Because of the vulnerability of a motorcyclist, the injuries sustained are often far more serious too, and it’s at this point that the services of an experienced specialist injury solicitor can come in.
Because they’re used to dealing with serious accident claims, specialist solicitors understand the technical aspects of a motorcycle accident in more detail than the average high street solicitor. They’ve dealt with plenty of cases where the main line of defence is, “I just didn’t see him/her”. This could be construed as an admission of guilt, but it is up to the motorcyclist’s solicitor to prove that is the case and that their client had done everything possible to make themselves visible to other road users. This can be a very grey area as the only laws governing motorcycle clothing is that a safety helmet must be worn to ride legally on UK roads. Everything else is open to interpretation and there are no statutory requirements for motorcyclists to wear bright clothing or high-viz jackets or belts.
So if you or a loved one has been involved in a serious motorcycle accident, talk to a specialist solicitor who not only knows the law, but also has experience of dealing with such cases. Their expertise and knowledge could make the difference in ensuring that the victim, no matter what they were wearing at the time of the accident, gets the compensation they deserve.

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