Motorcyclists Should Always Wear Helmets

x240-kG2.jpg” width=”1033px” alt=””/>’Should always’ is a phrase which brings immediate objections from some people.
‘What right have you to tell me what to do, or how to live?’ they exclaim. Solicitor People Also Search For Perhaps none, but surely we all share a responsibility to advise.
Choice lies at the heart of this debate, but choice laced with responsibility. To ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet is to risk death or severe injury resulting from cranial and cerebral trauma. Just as driving without wearing a seat belt increases the risk of serious injury in an accident. It is no good a motorcyclist saying he is a safe rider – the most likely cause of injury or death is not the motorcyclist himself, but someone else.
It is well known that motorists often tend not to see motorbikes. My personal experience confirms this. There are times when it seems, from the saddle, as if we are invisible to car drivers. Motorcyclists therefore need protection, not from themselves, but from the inherent dangers of riding, perhaps at speed and often in dense traffic, on two wheels.
Furthermore, if a motorcyclist has a serious accident, it is likely he would expect the best of medical care in order to facilitate his full recovery. Is it responsible or fair to ride a motorbike without a helmet and still expect medics to sew us back together again after a serious accident?
Part of this debate concerns how we expect to be treated if things go wrong. For example mountaineers and hill walkers expect rescue teams to come out and find them if they have an accident. Smokers expect medical treatment How Long Does It Take To Negotiate A Settlement if their habit causes cancer. Anyone taking part in an activity involving risk will normally expect to be baled out if the worse possible thing happens. There is often no consideration of the cost involved.
This is where the question of responsibility arises. Anyone doing anything which carries a risk would do well to consider the possible cost to society of assisting them if things go wrong. How much does it cost to rescue a stranded mountaineer from an ice face? Or to search for a careless bather off a dangerous beach? What is the cost of cancer treatment for a smoker? How much does it cost to provide the necessary treatment for a motorcyclist who has had a serious accident without wearing a helmet?
We all bear responsibility for each other and for the society in which we live. It is beholden upon us to take all possible care to ensure that any risks which may arise from our habits or lifestyles are kept to a minimum. So yes, motorcyclists should always wear helmets.

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