Motorcyclists’ Vulnerability to Roadway Defects

There have been significant advances in motor vehicle safety made throughout the course of recent decades. This has resulted in an ever lower rate of injury in car accidents. But while this is an achievement that serves as an encouragement to motorists, the fact of the matter is that motorcycle safety has been largely left behind this progress. Motorcyclists are typically aware that they are accepting a heightened degree of danger when they choose to ride a motorcycle rather than to drive within the safer confines of a passenger car or truck. To compensate for the hazardous nature of riding, motorcyclists may choose to wear helmets or other safety equipment and they might also seek to develop their skills through additional education and training. All this may be for naught, however, if a rider encounters a roadway defect at highway speeds.

Roadway construction and maintenance is typically the responsibility of a municipality, municipal agency, or a privately contracted construction company. These entities have an obligation to provide safe and usable roads and highways, and the failure to properly carry out their duties can lead to hazardous roadway defects. These flaws introduce yet another source of danger to an environment that is already full of threats to motorcyclist safety, and it might be within a rider’s rights to pursue a civil lawsuit against one of these parties in the unfortunate event that he or she should be injured in a motorcycle accident caused by roadway defect.

Commonly Encountered Highway Defects

Part of the reason that motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to serious injury is that they do not have any form of restraint to keep them safely mounted on a bike when a crash happens. People in cars and trucks have not only seat belts and airbags, but also the enclosed carriage of a vehicle itself. As a consequence of this lacking protection, motorcyclists may be thrown from their bike, cast into oncoming traffic, or rendered unable to control the motorcycle. Some commonly encountered highway defects include:

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Obstructed roadways

Lack of signs


Lack of guardrails

Shoulder Who Pays Costs In Personal Injury Claims drop-off

Uneven pavement

Water pooling

An Ally Upon Whom Personal Injury Lawyer Jobs You Can Rely

As a motorcyclist who has been involved in an accident caused by a roadway defect, it is important that you understand your legal rights. The Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C., are proudly dedicated to helping injured motorcyclists to obtain the financial compensation that they are due and have the skills and experience necessary to gain favorable results.