My Employer Violated OSHA Codes – Are They Negligent For My Accident?

x240-kG2.jpg” width=”1033px” alt=””/>In a global economy where the prevalent outlook seems to be not too optimistic, many companies have searched for ways to cut down costs of day-to-day operations just to stay afloat from the sinking mire of bankruptcy and foreclosure. Construction is one such industry. In fact, just to minimize costs, most construction companies tend to ignore certain criteria which are supposed to be important to ensure the general safety and welfare of their employees.
Factors such as safety standards, work conditions conducive to productivity, and even quality of equipment are disregarded. In the process, the absence of these necessities inevitably causes construction accidents that ultimately Do I Have A Personal Injury Case lead to various lawsuits and compensation claims filed by construction site victims suffering from serious injuries. If you think you’re a victim of such case, then you might want to consult a construction site accident attorney.
As everyone knows, working in a construction site poses serious risks as far as a worker’s safety and well-being are concerned. Construction work is a very dangerous job that demands extra-precautionary measures and when safety is put in the backseat, you can only expect tremendous repercussions both on the part of the company and the workers themselves. Sometimes, because everybody is busy with the details such as project time line, bill of materials needed for the project, and system design and project implementation, safety standards are forgotten.
Regardless of how big or small the number of workers is in the construction site, the company’s main thrust should always be the safety standards prevalent in the working environment. Without these standards, one can only assume that he is hoping for Auto Insurance Dispute Attorney Near Me a death wish for the company and himself. When the company invests in substandard equipment, for instance, the probability of site construction accident occurring is never too far. In fact, it even spells the slim difference between life and death.
A good example is an incident that involved using subpar crane equipment. The construction site accident happened simply because the crane malfunctioned, thus leading to serious injuries for some workers and even death to others. Upon investigation, it turned out the crane was made up of old spare parts from an old crane with the required equipment standard investigation falsified to conceal the unacceptable act. This is apparently one good example that portrays how simple disregard in safety equipment could lead to devastating aftermaths involving construction site workers and the company as a whole.

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