No Win No Fee – Solicitors and What You Need To Know About Them

No Win No Fee solicitors can be seen online, on television advertisements and displayed on placards in every town in the UK. It is a very confusing phrase that often gives the impression that solicitors work for free while taking all the risk of not getting paid.
The truth is that there are certain obligations to be carried out by yourself and your solicitor that enable solicitors to represent you while minimizing their risk. These include insurance policy, medical consent forms, loan agreements etc.
Always be prepared to ask the following questions if you’re planning to hire a solicitor that offers this option:
1. Will I receive full compensation?
2. Will I be charged any fees?
3. Will the insurance policy for my claim be deducted from my settlement cheque?
Many people forget to ask these basic questions. By clarifying the position of your solicitor up front on these points, you eliminate any doubts as to your liability and save yourself from the shock of an unexpected bill.
A No Win No Fee agreement means your solicitor will be paid by the opposing side if you win the case. You will typically receive compensation to the amount of 100% of the claim. It is in your best interest to take out an after event insurance which covers you should you lose the case. The insurance is to cover the fees of the defendant’s solicitor.
Typically, a solicitor or insurance company would only contemplate your claim if they are certain of winning. If they don’t think your case is strong enough you may wish to reconsider your claim.
Whatever the nature of your claim, finding a solicitor who has a good reputation is essential. Good professional advice during times of stress will give you peace of mind and the confidence to venture through the uncertainty of the situation. A reputable law firm will make you aware of the terms and conditions of their arrangement with you up front.
Not all solicitors in England and Wales offer a No Win No Fee arrangement, but there are many that do. If you’re interested in hiring a law firm that offers this option, Soft Tissue Neck Injury Compensation start your research at any one of the websites dedicated to providing the latest news and information on this arrangement rather than from the solicitor’s website.
Remember to ask upfront whether the solicitor of your choice will be asking for any money during the case. Knowing what is expected will save you from any shocks later on.
Most qualified specialists in the area of accident or personal injury claims compensation are aware of the problems an accident Injury Reporting Procedure Template victim may be suffering, and it is their expertise that enables them to make the whole process as painless as possible.
If you’ve been involved in an accident it’s important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Remember to get all the details involving the accident. Prepare all the relevant points you want to discuss. This will help you search, evaluate and decide on the best candidate to represent from the selection of no win no fee solicitors.

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