Not Just a Case of Simple ‘Whiplash’

x240-kG2.jpg” width=”1031px” alt=””/>A rear end collision, even at low speed, can cause the human neck to flex and stretch in opposite directions very quickly, resulting in a common injury known as ‘whiplash’. Affecting the soft tissue of the neck, shoulders Interaction Crm Review and upper back, whiplash is the most common form of injury compensation claim as a result of road traffic accidents. In the UK, 1200 claims for whiplash are made every day, making the UK the ‘whiplash capital of Europe’.
Whiplash – a mask for a more serious problem
While most whiplash injuries are minor, causing a minimal amount of discomfort for a period of a few weeks at most, sometimes things can be a little more serious, particularly if there is already an underlying injury to the spine or neck. Even if there is no known previous injury, whiplash should be taken seriously, as it can mask a more serious and long term injury that could have devastating consequences.
A case of a woman driver involved in a low-speed rear end collision recently highlighted this. She was told repeatedly that her injury was ‘just a case of simple whiplash’ and that the pain and discomfort she experienced would eventually disappear. However, 12 months after the accident she was still experiencing severe difficulties with balance, was in constant pain and was suffering from dramatic mood swings.
Not only had the accident damaged her physically, but it had also had a considerable impact on her emotional well being too. After extensive medical examination, doctors concluded that the ‘simple whiplash’ injury had in fact masked a more traumatic injury to the base of her brain. The impact and sudden back and forth movement so typical of whiplash had caused the brain to move around inside the skull, resulting in cerebral trauma. After a lengthy legal battle, the woman won her case and considerable financial compensation.
The importance of specialist solicitors
This case goes to show that even a low speed impact can have serious consequences. Shrugging off a ‘simple whiplash’ injury without proper medical investigation could be a precursor to longer term physical problems. While most whiplash compensation claims are sorted out relatively quickly, it is important that anyone suffering from the longer term effects of a more traumatic injury seek out expert advice when it comes to making a claim.
Solicitors who specialise in serious accident claims will have a far greater understanding and experience of the potential problems and challenges faced by victims. Through a network of contacts, they will also be able to access expert medical help and advice for victims who may feel that their GP simply doesn’t have the breadth of knowledge to isolate a more serious injury that may be masked by a case of whiplash.
Specialist claims solicitors will also understand how the law works with regard to long-term claims. They may be able to secure an interim payment that can help you to get the treatment you need What Is Personal Injury and ease the financial worry if your ability to work has been affected. They can even ensure that any adaptations you need to live a normal home life can be made as quickly as possible.
By having that extra knowledge in dealing with specialist injury claims, experienced solicitors form an integral part of your support network, helping you to recover more quickly, taking care of your interests and making sure that your ‘simple whiplash’ injury isn’t masking a much more serious problem.

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