Oceanside Streets Are More Than Sunny

Lawyers Calling After Accident many drivers do not realize that the speed limit is 25 mph in school zones during school hours. Not only are tickets for breaking this law quite expensive — at least $322 for going 45mph in a 25 mph zone — but it puts students and pedestrians at high risk for personal injury.
Madison is no the only school with this issue, as Mission Avenue, the street where two other schools are located, has the same problem. According to Oceanside Traffic sergeant, this stretch is one of the city’s busiest corridors with at least 23,000 car commuters and many pedestrians, daily. Any Oceanside car accident attorney can tell you how vital it is to keep school zones safe.
Luckily, the local law enforcement and city officials agree. In 2008, officers wrote 69 tickets in the area for speeding and have made it common to dispatch motorcycle officers to school zones during peak traffic hours. Since having police in plain view, many drivers have slowed down, but many are concerned that speeds pick up again after officers leave.
Grant money may be allotted to schools to improve transportation problems and erect more prominent speed limit signs, as well as signs denoting drivers current speed-limit.
Dangerous Behavior on Busy Roads is Cause for Concern
California as a whole has been attempting to deal with DUI and reckless driving. A few recent Oceanside accidents shed light on this issue. One accident involving a 27-year-old man who veered quickly off of Highway 78 toward the El Camino real exit, caused his truck to roll-over. The passenger in the vehicle was a 22-year-old woman who was not wearing her seatbelt. She was ejected from the vehicle and died on the scene.
As officers responded and approached the scene, the man, who was reported to have been driving irrationally, attempted to hit an officer. The driver was shocked with a Taser, suffered moderate injuries, and will stand trial for charges of gross vehicular manslaughter.
Though it’s possible that this driver may have an auto defect liability claim because the truck rolled unexpectedly, it seems that the driver committed road rage and reckless driving that led to the accident. This driver also has a drunken driving conviction from 2005.
Another unfortunate accident left two injured. The driver was a veteran Oceanside police officer, who had been with the police for 15 years. He was driving northbound on the I-5 Personal Injury Case Examples under the influence of alcohol when he lost control of his personal vehicle. The truck rolled and the driver, as well as his 40-year-old passenger, were taken to the hospital.
The exact blood alcohol content was not released, but according to a California Highway Patrol spokesman, it was over.08. According to state law, drunken-driving can be a felony if another person is injured.
This tragic accident is unnerving because of a law enforcement officer breaking the laws he has vowed to uphold and enforce.

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