Personal Accident Claims – How to Calculate Your Claim (Part 1)

Knowing how you can calculate the compensation that is suited for the injury that you received, will help you increase your chances of getting compensated. Of course, you cannot expect the court to provide you with a compensation claim that is worth thousands of dollars if you only suffered from minor injuries. So in order to help you determine the amount that you will be asking from personal injury claims, I have provided answers to your questions about calculating personal injury claims.
Calculating Personal Car Accident Court Cases Accident Claims
If you want to know the proper amount that you have to file, you need to calculate it based on the results of the accident. Personal Injury Vs Bodily Injury The most common formula that is being used for calculating is – pain multiplier x medical expenses + loss of income.
The pain multiplier could be anywhere between 1.5 up to 10. Although it is called pain multiplier, this is not determined by the level of pain that you have experienced, but the severity of the accident. For example, a sprained neck is only 1.5 up to 2 on a pain multiplier, while a broken leg would have a pain multiplier of 3. For permanent injuries that will prevent you to go back to work or would change the way you live, the pain multiplier could be 9 to 10.
Once you have determined the pain multiplier, the next thing that you need to do is to determine the expenses that you need to spend or have spent for your injury. All of the expenses that you need to pay, including medication, X-Ray, ambulance, and other miscellaneous expenses. Multiply this by the pain multiplier, and then add all the loss of income that you will experience due to the injury. This is the amount that you have to file for personal accident claims.
When to File for Personal Injury Claims?
If you got into an accident today, the best time to file for personal accident claims is today. However, you still need to wait until you fully recover from the accident before you send the computation of your claim. This will allow you to wait for all the expenses that you need to take before you calculate the suitable price for your claim. If you are going to file the computation as soon as you have filed for personal accident claims, then you won’t be able to determine the amount that you have to spend, and the income loss that you need to add to your claim.

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