Personal Injury Claim 101 – Typical Personal Injury Claims That Everyone Should Know

When an accident occurs as a result of someone else’s negligence, a claim can be filed by the victim, seeking compensation for the damages to them or their property. However, the only way to prove negligence is to determine that the accident could be avoided but was not, hence leading to the problem at hand. Below are 9 of the most typical Personal Injury claims filed in the US.
1. Car accident claims: because vehicles are the most common cause of injuries, it is against the law to be driving a vehicle without liability insurance.
2. Defective product damages: when products sold are unsafe for consumers, the manufacturer can be held liable to compensate injured consumers even though he was not negligent in producing the product. For this type of claim, you need to proceed to court.
3. Injury from drugs: Drugs are considered a product and when unsafe drugs are released to the general public, class action lawsuits may be taken against these drug companies.
4. The Slip and fall injury: also the most common type of personal injury claim filed. All premises, be it a parking lot or a shopping complex has to be safe for the general public. If these areas are not will kept and steps are not taken to make sure of its safety the owner can be held responsible for any injury that occurs on their premises.
5. Medical malpractice claims: if there is proof that your doctors did not provide the necessary care and attention to your illness, causing other difficulties and pain to you. As doctors are supposed to take care of your well-being if they do not then you can file for this type of claim.
6. Misdiagnosed claims: If you have a condition that was aggravated as a result of the doctor’s incompetence to diagnose your problem, then you can actually claim for personal injury because of the doctor’s negligence.
7. Injury as a result of someone’s intentions: you can sue if you know the person intentionally wanted to cause you harm and if you were hurt by someone’s action Proximate Cause even if you were not the intended victim. Suppose some people were playing prank on each other and you were injured, then you have reason to sue as well.
8. Dog bite injuries: you can also sue if you are bitten by your neighbor’s dog as dog bites are judged under strict liability standards.
9. Injury due to negligence: It is reason by society that people carry themselves in a manner that does not pose any risk to other people. When they fail to this and heir actions cause harm to others, a civil suit can be filed for monetary damages as a result of their negligence.
Before filing for a claim, you need to first find out which category you fall into, then search for a lawyer that is experienced No Win No Fee Lawyers Near Me and capable in that field to make sure that you have a better chance of getting a compensation either in or out of court.

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