Personal Injury Claims – Ambulance Chasers Abuse ‘No Win No Fee’ System

Should I Report A Fall At Work culture’ that is perpetuated by the media. Many lawyers attribute this phenomenon to claim management firms who advertise in the media to attract clients and sell the claims on to personal injury lawyers. In fact figures from the Compensation Recovery Unit at the Department for Work and Pensions showed stable figures for compensation between the years 2000-2008, rather than the steep rise in compensation claims that the public believes has taken place.
Nevertheless, as compensation culture has become a normal part of our society, so-called ‘ambulance chasers’ have also become a distasteful enclave in the legal profession, distorting the insurance market and pushing premiums up for the general public. It is well known that some solicitors pursue claims that will be easily won with little or no effort on the part of the solicitor and will enable them to cream off their fee and move on to the next case. Such solicitors have earned themselves the name ‘ambulance chasers’ for their trait of hounding accident victims in order to represent their claim. They often refuse to represent clients with complicated claims, preferring to handle easier ones.
Fortunately there are solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims that handle legitimate cases, representing those who have suffered misfortune and need legal help; the claimants who ‘no win no fee’ was designed for. These solicitors are happy to represent clients Pain And Suffering Checklist with a difficult claim and will research the ins and outs of the claim regardless of the length of time and work involved to obtain the best results for the client. They claim that ‘ambulance chasers’ give them and their genuine cases a bad name and abuse the system.
For anyone who has suffered a personal injury it is important to seek the advice of a local solicitor who specialises in personal injury claims. They will be able to advise on whether to pursue the claim and what the process entails. A local solicitor will understand the area and be able to make any hospital and home visits required, whilst also being within easy reach of the client. Their past case experience of handling legitimate personal injury claims will equip them to handle a claim efficiently and conscientiously.

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