Personal Injury Claims Explained

A personal injury is a physical injury, psychological injury or an illness caused by the means of a road traffic accident, work accident, criminal assault, defective product accident, slip, trips and falls accident or any other type of accident. The term personal injury can also include dental or medical accidents, often known as medical negligence.
Making a personal injury claim for an injury that you suffered due to the negligence of another person is quite straightforward. Most people believe that personal injury claims take years to reach settlement and this is the reason they think that it is not worth pursuing. But, this is not true. There are certain types of claims which may take couple of years, but the majority is settled within few months.
The amount of time a personal injury claim takes depends on a number of factors. If you appoint a quality injury lawyer to deal with your claim, your claim can be dusted in no time at all. A quality injury lawyer will take every opportunity available to speed up the claims process.
But, before you start a personal injury claim, there are a number of things or steps that you need to take. You must remember that the Pre-Action Protocol is used for injury claims, the aim of which is to improve pre-action communication between the parties involved in the accident. The protocol ensures that there is an early exchange of information which can help speed up the claims procedure, allow experts to investigate the case fully and if possible, reach resolution without the need to go to court.
Under this protocol, your opponent will have three weeks to respond to the Letter of Claim which has been sent by your injury lawyer. After this, they will have three months to investigate the claim. Three months is actually the maximum amount of time your opponent or their insurance company will get to investigate the case. Their investigation may take only a couple of weeks or Personal Injury Defenses a month instead of three months and if they accept liability within three months, you will receive compensation. The amount of time your personal injury claim takes to reach settlement depends on how proactive the other party is and how good your injury lawyer. If your injury lawyer fights aggressively for your rights, you will obtain compensation within a matter of months.
The level of compensation you obtain will depend on the type of injuries sustained, your pain and suffering and your actual financial losses. Once liability is accepted, your injury Permanent Incapacity Compensation lawyer will prepare a Schedule of Losses and send it to the other party. A good injury lawyer will ensure that you recover the maximum compensation possible for your losses.

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