Personal Injury Claims – Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for information about making personal injury claims? This guide has been prepared to Causes Of Accidental Death In America provide answers to the frequently asked questions related to making personal injury claims.
Q: Who will pay compensation if I have been injured?
A: Compensation will be paid by the person who is responsible for your injuries. For example, if you suffered injuries in a road accident, the responsible party whether it is the driver of the vehicle or another motorist will be liable to pay compensation.
Q: What can I claim for?
A: If you have a valid a claim, you may able to claim compensation for your pain, injuries, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and your actual financial losses.
Q: How much compensation can I recover?
A: This depends on the type of injuries you have suffered and a number of other factors including recovery time, symptoms experienced, whether there are ongoing symptoms, actual financial losses, etc.
Q: Why do I need to appoint an injury lawyer to handle my claim?
A: An injury lawyer is a person who is experienced in handling these types of cases. With their experience, they can help you obtain fair compensation. In addition, they will represent your claim on your behalf and you can take your time to recover from your injuries. Basically, injury lawyers remove the hassle of making a compensation claim.
Q: What should I do if the insurers of my Workers Compensation Vs No Fault opponent have already made an offer?
A: You should not accept the offer, but speak to an injury lawyer and find out how much compensation is fair in your case. Insurance companies will only try to settle personal injury claims by offering less money. So what they are offering to you may not be fair, especially if you have not fully recovered from your injuries and may required further medical treatment.
Q: How can I make an injury claim?
A: If you believe you have a claim, you must speak with an injury lawyer and find out what your options are. Your lawyer will then evaluate your case and tell you if your case is likely to succeed. When you have legal representation, you don’t have to worry about anything.
Q: How much does making an injury claim cost?
A: It will not cost you a single penny if you appoint an injury lawyer who operates on a no win no fee basis.
Q: How much time do I have to make an injury claim?
A: In most cases, the time limit is three years. However, depending on the type of accident you had been involved in and where the accident took place, you must clarify this with your injury lawyer.

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