Personal Injury Claims – How Is Compensation Calculated?

Personal injury claims are legal processes which are designed to compensate those who have suffered an accident due to someone else’s negligence. In most cases this compensation is a monetary package, the amount of which is decided based upon a number of different factors.
Though you may be looking for a simple sheet of calculations, I’m afraid this isn’t going to happen. All personal injury claims are different along with every compensation package. Before you begin legal proceedings you need to be sure about a number of things. Firstly, your claim needs to be 100% genuine. Secondly, you need to have enough evidence in your favour to ensure you get the result you hope for. Thirdly, you need to find good representation. The people you are accusing will be using a professional personal injury claims solicitor with a huge amount of specialist knowledge. If you don’t do the same then you risk losing out on what you deserve.
Compensation for personal injury claims
Presuming you case goes in your favour, the compensation you will be awarded will be calculated based on 5 factors.
1. Personal suffering: By having an accident you are likely to have suffered at least a certain amount of physical pain. Though you could never measure this, it will be taken into account when the court is deciding how much compensation you should be awarded.
2. Property: An accident usually involves some sort of damage to personal property. Whether it is your car, a bike or simply the clothes you were wearing. The cost of replacing these will be taken into account when deciding your compensation package.
3. Medical expenses: If you have suffered a serious personal injury then the medical expenses will be substantial. Preserve Statute Of Limitations A compensation package will take these expenses into account as well as any expenses that your ongoing care will incur.
4. Loss of income: Any accident which warrants medical care will naturally lead to loss of earnings. If the injury is serious then this can lead to months without being able to work. In some cases the compensation package will also take into consideration future loss of earnings as a result of the accident.
5. Emotional pain: Any accident which has a serious effect on your life will cause some emotional stress. Though this can’t be measured, the compensation you are awarded will take it into account.
There are certain companies offering ‘personal injury compensation calculators’ to give you an idea of what compensation you might expect from a claim. Be very Car Accident Legal Advice careful when using these. For giving a very rough figure they are fine, but remember, calculating personal injury claims compensation is not an exact science.

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