Personal Injury Claims Made Simple

Lets hope that you are never physically injured and no one you care for is ever in the same situation but the truth is that sooner or later someone amongst your friends or worse still, your family might be physically injured or it may even be you who is in the unfortunate situation.
When it does happen and you find yourself either injured or helping out someone who has gotten hurt in an accident, there are some things you should know that will help you make the best of a bad situation, whether it is for yourself for someone you care about or are responsible for.
The very first thing to do if you happen to be at the site of the accident is obviously to make sure that everyone is fine and that they are no longer in danger. Make sure to call for medical help if needed and make sure that any person that is injured receives immediate first aid and any form of medical help or relief that can be provided on site.
The second or third call to make after you have called for medical help and after you have informed the close ones of anyone who is injured is to call the injured parties’ insurers and inform them of the accident. Many insurers need to be informed within a certain time frame of any accident occurring for them to cover the personal injury claims as part of their policy.
Document all injuries that have occurred and how they occurred if that is at all possible as well and if there are witnesses, try to get their contact information before they leave the venue or the accident site. It Swollen Stomach After Car Accident is vital to do this while the memory of the events is still fresh in everyone’s minds because the longer you take to document this information, the more the chances of different witnesses having different stories.
If you happen to be carrying a cellular phone that also has a decent camera as most people today are, try to take as many photographs of the accident as possible and document anything pictorially that you think may be of importance.
The more data that you have to provide the insurer with, the better your chances of getting a speedy and smooth settlement of your personal injury claims. Personal Injury Law For Dummies Whether you are doing it for yourself or for someone else, this will make sure the personal injury does not have any long term consequences.

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