Porch Collapse

An outdoor element at a home, apartment, or office space can be a nice place to spend time with family, friends, and colleagues. Unfortunately for many people, these spaces can also be a cause of injury Insurance Claim Adjuster Secret Tactics and accidents. There are many points at which an error or negligent act may lead to accidents such as porch collapse, and various parties that may be held responsible for injuries incurred.

Anyone on or near a porch when it collapses may be in danger of suffering from any of the following consequences:


Broken bones

Spinal cord injury or paralysis

Traumatic brain injury

Internal organ damage


The liable party may be required to cover the costs of any medical expenses that occur as a result of these injuries, although at times it can be difficult Lawyers Com Personal Injury to prove the responsibility of another person or company. For information regarding your case, seek the advice of a legal professional.

Some of the parties that may be liable for your porch collapse injury include:

The company responsible for the design of the porch or building

The construction team

The individual or company in charge of inspecting the building for safety issues

Any individual or company in charge of repairs or maintenance

The homeowners or property managers

Experiencing a porch collapse is a terrifying ordeal. The victims of such accidents may be in danger of physical injury as well as long lasting emotional and psychological effects. Fortunately, there may be compensation available to individuals who have suffered in these preventable accidents. For more information, contact a premises liability attorney today.

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