Premises Liability and Fire

Home owners and property managers have an obligation to protect visitors to their facilities. It is rare that premises liability issues lead to severe injuries, but when innocent individuals are harmed because of the irresponsible behavior of another, the victims may be able to take legal action against the liable party. Fires are a particularly dangerous incident that can lead to severe physical and emotional consequences.

Fires are dangerous not only because of the effects of extreme heat from the flames, but also the damaging effects of smoke on the human body. Some of the other consequences of exposure to fire and smoke include:


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Lung damage

Eye damage Easiest Way To Get A Settlement


Respiratory problems

Fires can be caused by any number of issues such as poor electrical wiring, maintenance problems, unextinguished cigarettes or other forms of negligence. It is the duty of those in charge of a property or home owners to ensure that their home, office building, store, or other public facility will not harm anyone else. Failure to conduct regular inspections, overloading the property’s outlets, or other forms of irresponsible behavior may cause fires to break out. Because fires can spread so quickly, if a facility is overcrowded with people or does not allow for proper emergency exits, many people may be injured.

If you or someone you love has been injured because of the reckless behavior of another person and you are currently suffering from the negative effects from a fire, you may be able to take legal action against the responsible party.

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