Prescription Drug Side Effects & Litigation

There are full lists of prescription drugs that have been used and removed from the FDA approved list of drugs. Sometimes the side effects and negative outcomes of a product are not visible until after release. That means that a handful of people can experience harsh side effects and were never warned about their possible occurrence. Here is some information about specific prescription drugs and their side effects. Had you been a victim of any of these drugs, you may in line for litigation on the topic.
I am sure you have all heard of the FDA. If the term slips your mind, I am referring to the Food and Drug Ethical Questions To Ask A Lawyer Administration. Generally, you do not want to use a product that is not approved by this association.
The first prescription I want to touch on first made its mark in the late 1990’s. This non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Attorney At Law Logo drug was named Duract and was later removed from the market for its adverse reactions.
Omniscan is another one of these drugs that was taken from the FDA approved list. This was popular to physicians and was found to result in damage to the mitral and aortic heart valves.
An antibiotic by the named of Ketek was taken off the list in 2006 for cases showing severe liver problems. They are all on the top of the list of drugs used in drug litigation claims.
These are just a few of the many that have been removed from the FDA approved list of prescription drugs because of their side effects. Before using any new prescription, be aware of the warnings and always check for things like the “black box warning” and if the product is FDA approved. Believe me, taking an extra look at the product is worth the extra minute or two.

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