Primates As Pets

x240-kG2.jpg” width=”1031px” alt=””/>Many people have a soft spot for baby monkeys. Just one look into their oversized brown eyes and a glance over their mess of fur can disable even the hardest heart. Over the years, Hollywood has even contributed to the idea that primates can coexist with humans as pets and even friends but the reality is monkeys are still wild animals and most of the time, they are unfit to live in suburban homes as pets. Those cute, innocent baby monkeys mature sexually between 18-24 months and can often turn violent or aggressive with his or her owner and visitors.

There are rare cases where primates work well as pets but because of how unpredictable they can be, it is important to understand what exactly one is getting into when adopting a primate as a pet.

Problems with Primates as Pets

Primates can live between 20 and 40 years and need a great amount of attention from humans. Some can even develop social behavior problems if they don’t get enough attention. It is important to remember:

Monkeys need a lot of attention and don’t take to new people very well

Primates can be very expensive to care for

Monkeys are illegal Best Personal Injury Lawyer Phoenix in many states

Babies turn in to adults quickly and can turn aggressive

Primates can pass many diseases to humans

Many cannot be efficiently toilet Auto Insurance Claim Denied trained and can be messy

Some will be destructive if they get bored

Above all you should remember that primates are wild animals and can resort to natural instincts in certain instances and can act violently. Taking care of a primate is a big commitment and should be treated as such.

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