Protect Yourself After Personal Injury, 5 Steps to Prepare for Healing and Compensation

Suffering a personal injury or accident can be a particularly harrowing time. You may be in pain like you’ve never felt, or getting used to a new routine and way of doing things as you recover. Thankfully the human body can heal, but to help the healing along, an expert personal injury lawyer can work with you to get what you deserve in terms of compensation.
Legal assistance can help your case and handle the legal aspects, but what can you do to expedite the process and ensure the best results possible? The following are our 5 steps to take right after suffering an injury due to someone else’s negligence. Be prepared for your meeting with a personal injury lawyer and make sure you get what’s coming to you.
Step 1: Health
First and foremost, see to it that you get the proper medical attention required. Your health, and the health of your loved ones, should be your first priority. Take a deep breath and save the call to a personal 5 Why Accident Investigation Examples injury lawyer until after you have received the necessary first aid treatment and are in a stable condition. After you’ve properly gathered yourself, you can begin the process of gaining compensation.
Step 2: Timeline
Sit down, clear your mind, and write out a detailed order of events concerning what happened in your accident. Get into specifics, dates, times, and everything you saw or remember. This should be your complete account of the incident; leave no stone unturned and make sure the events are neatly ordered in a step-by-step manner.
Step 3: Attorney At Law New York Collect
Gather any evidence that your personal injury lawyer may be able to use to help prove your case. This is the stage where you take photographs of the scene of the incident, or of the injuries you sustained. Make an attempt to seek out any witnesses who may have seen the events transpire and see if their account has relevancy to what happened. Save their contact information, it will be valuable to your lawyer.
Step 4: Record
Record every aspect of your recovery. Record the speed that your injuries heal, your disposition through the process, and every bit of regained strength. Save every hospital bill, accident report, doctor’s note, anything pertaining to your injury or the timetable and extent of your recovery.
Step 5: Notify
Notify the other party when you decide to file your suit. By doing so, you get the ball rolling legally, even if you eventually decide to drop it. Not all situations have a statute of limitations (your personal injury lawyer will inform you of these), but notifying the other party of your intent immediately protects you from a counter argument that you took too long to file. Also, regarding claims against the government or a governmental employee, the claim must be filed within a relatively short period of time to make you eligible for compensation at all.
Control your emotions, focus on your healing, and follow our five steps for what to do after suffering an injury. These will ensure the smoothest process for your personal injury lawyer, and the best results possible in your case.

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