Rancho Santa Margarita Car Accident Lawyer Talks About the City’s Accident Statistics

An experienced Rancho Santa Margarita car accident lawyer will tell you that if you are injured in a car crash in in the city seeking the advice of a lawyer who is familiar with the area and its local accident statistics can be beneficial.
For example, knowledgeable Rancho Santa Margarita lawyers know that in 2006, 62 people were injured in city car crashes. What’s more, eight pedestrians, three bicyclists and two motorcyclists were injured in car collisions. Drunk drivers also took their toll in Rancho Santa Margarita, causing five injuries on city streets.
Understanding Why Local Accidents Occur
Savvy Rancho Santa Margarita car accident lawyers use localized statistical car crash information to help them understand why and how an accident occurred.
If, for example, one of their clients was involved in a car accident at the intersection of Avenida de las Banderas and Arroyo Vista, savvy Rancho Santa Margarita car accident lawyers know that middle school students file onto a bus there every weekday morning. This causes cars in the two adjacent lanes, just beyond the crosswalk boundaries, to back up and extend into the Arroyo Vista and Avenida de las Banderas intersection, preventing other motorists from passing through. The danger here is that middle school students, arriving late to the bus stop, weave through the line of cars to cross the street and catch their ride. Smart lawyers would know that this is a dangerous and accident-prone area. They would analyze statistical data at this site, determine if any problems still exist, and how a redesign of traffic flow might have prevented a car accident here.
The same holds true for accidents occurring at the intersection of Antonio Parkway and Via Honesto–where children cross to school. Vehicles turning at this signal-controlled intersection can create a hazard, since the walk phase occurs Homicidal Death at the same time as the through traffic phase. Rancho Santa Margarita car collision lawyers representing clients injured here would study how improved traffic signals and crossing guards might have prevented a car accident.
Likewise any car crash occurring on Shadow Rock Lane would be carefully scrutinized by skilled car accident lawyers familiar with Rancho Santa Margarita. They would know that motorists tend to develop an accumulated downhill speed as they approach the T-intersection at Quicksilver Road. And that more than two-thirds of drivers exceed the 35 mph limit, presenting a serious danger to children playing in the street or in front of their homes. Again, could better enforcement or traffic calming efforts be employed to prevent accidents here?
The bottom line is that Rancho Santa Margarita car crash lawyers who know the area can make sound judgments about the Car Accident Legal Advice circumstances surrounding an accident and the level of blame that can be assigned to each contributing factor.

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