Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy disorder (or RSD) typically occurs following various types of bodily injury. Though the symptoms of this condition can often occur gradually, they could have a profound impact on your personal health and the pain you experience in your daily life.

RSD commonly results from a problem that occurs in the sympathetic nervous system (which controls the sweat glands and blood blow in a patient’s hards and arms). When this happens, the nervous system can become overactive and a patient may experience burning pain, swelling and a feeling a warmth in the injured limb. Other long-term disabilities include inflexibility, stiffness and difficulty using the injured part of the arm.

If you or someone you love experienced an accident caused by a negligent party which resulted in RSD, you may be able to bring that party to justice through a personal injury lawsuit. To learn more about RSD and your rights as an injured victim, contact an experienced attorney today.

RSD can include other medical diagnoses of a similar nature including:

Complex regional pain Can I Sue My Employer For Negligence disorder (CRPD)


Sudeck’s atrophy

Shoulder-hand syndrome

Though doctors still debate on what exactly causes RSD, there have been certain instances where the disorder is common. For example, a laceration that is sustained following a motor vehicle collision can leave an individual with RSD. Also, if an accident puts pressure on a nerve, RSD may result. This condition could truly stem from any type of accident so it is important to identify the symptoms early to seek medical treatment. Typical treatments for RSD include physical therapy, the use of medication, or a medical implant to stimulate the damaged nerves.

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RSD can be devastating if it interferes with your daily activities and causes you frequent, long-term pain. It can be especially disconcerting if the accident could have been prevented if the other party had behaved in a more responsible manner. To make sure that justice is served and you are compensated for damages, consider hiring an attorney to represent your case.

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