Scalding Burn Injuries

Scalds occur when an individual’s skin comes in contact with a hot liquid. For example, spilling very hot water, coffee and tea is a common cause of such accidents. In addition, tap water can severely harm people in the bath or shower if the temperature Classification Of Road Accidents is not adequately regulated. When these injuries occur, another party may be held liable for any injuries that resulted from the incident. The following statistics about scald burns in the United States highlight the extent of the problem:
* 100,000 painful accidents occur each year involving hot beverages or food. This can include a child What Is A Deposition In A Lawsuit pulling a hot pot off of the stove or a waiter or waitress spilling hot objects onto a patron.
* 5,000 injuries occur each year due to excessively hot tap water. This can include an elderly individual being burned by bath water that was not properly monitored by a care taker or a toddler who turns the hot water faucet on accident when using the sink or bathtub. Small children and senior citizens are more vulnerable to this problem because they have more delicate skin than young adults.
* 60,000 accidents occur every year due to burns related to touching hot objects. A defective product may contribute to unsafe temperatures and resulting injuries.
Scald injuries can be extremely painful or even disfiguring if a second or third degree burn results. It is very important to be aware of this so you can take steps to avoid it in any situations.

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