Slip and Fall Basics

Car Accident Injuries That Require Surgery to slips and falls. Slip and fall injury lawyers find it helpful to occasionally review what you should and should not do if you receive personal injuries.
What to do if you Attorney Practices are injured
Get help: Seek medical care immediately. Nothing is more important than your health and preventing further injury. You should tell medical personnel exactly what happened, including where you were injured what caused your fall. This will help you receive proper treatment for your injuries and may be helpful later in pursuing your claim.
Get information: If possible, collect any information you can about your accident. Get contact information from witnesses, see if any security cameras are readily visible, and observe what you can about the area where you were injured. Your observations about the condition of your surroundings could make or break your case. For example, a claimant who only observed that the floor where she slipped was “shiny,” without more, may not be able to provide competent evidence of the store’s negligence. However, an attorney may be able to proceed to trial if the claimant observed a small puddle of liquid on the floor. Of course, you should not risk further injuring yourself by moving around if there is a possibility that you hurt your neck or spine.
Get an experienced attorney: A slip and fall attorney performs a number of vital tasks in helping represent your interests. An injury lawyer may help you find and preserve evidence, speak and negotiate with opposing parties, comply with statutory deadlines for providing notice of your injury, and represent your interests during negotiation and litigation.
What not to do if you are injured
Discuss your injury with non medical staff: It is extremely important that you do not make any statements to anyone other than medical personnel about your accident. Property owners, managers, or their employees may be called as witnesses against you.
Speak with an insurance company representative or sign a release without a slip and fall injury lawyer: It is extremely important to hire an experienced injury lawyer to help you deal with an insurance company’s representatives. Any statements you make or documents you sign could hurt or even ruin your chance of receiving adequate compensation for your injuries.

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