Smartphone Use While Driving

Smartphones are extremely popular devices that have only appeared in the past few years, making legislation and enforcement regarding the use of these devices while driving particularly difficult. In general, it may take months if not years for a common understanding of a law to be established. However, in the case of these phones being used for their text messaging capabilities, the law has pushed forward to educate drivers of the dangers and potential illegality of smartphone usage.
Due to the capabilities of an internet-ready phone, it is difficult to inherently describe what exactly the phone is as a device and how to legally classify it. While legislators may be able to recognize a cellular phone as a phone, a smartphone may also function as a portable computer with internet capabilities. Thus, where a phone might be illegal, a smartphone may be used in a way that bypasses the telephone function and uses the smartphone as a mobile GPS device.
These problems are not necessarily recognized in existing laws and bans, requiring lawmakers to either update their legislation or draft new laws that more widely deal with expansions in technological use. Specifically, many states have Driving An Accident Damaged Car begun to describe the function of the device, not the device itself, when making a usage ban for drivers. In some texting-while-driving bans, the device is not necessarily singled out, but the act of creating a text message is.
As a result, it may be illegal in certain jurisdictions to create a message using any hand-held device. For many laws that work this broadly, lines are commonly drawn that devices, whatever they are and whatever they do, may be used in a hands-free capacity.
To learn more about how mobile devices work with Can You Sue Workers Comp Doctor existing bans, contact a car accident attorney.

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