Stun Gun Injuries

x240-kG2.jpg” width=”1033px” alt=””/>Many police officers use stun guns to apprehend disruptive individuals. These items allow the police to immobilize and incapacitate individuals without causing them any lasting harm. At least, that is the thought and reasoning behind the practice.
In reality, these items can be very dangerous, especially if the officers using them are untrained and inexperienced in using them.
Most stun guns send up to 50,000 volts of electricity through an individual’s body in a single instant. This amount of electricity What To Do When You Have A Minor Car Accident is enough to stun most individuals, rendering them unable to move, speak, or perform any sort of reactionary movement.
Unfortunately, not all individuals react the same way to this amount of electricity. Many individuals simply do not have the same level of tolerance for electric shocks as other people do. Some individuals with certain medical ailments may also suffer when stunned.
In some cases, the amount of electricity a stun gun emits is enough to disrupt normal heart rate and function. In these cases, Legal Practice Course individuals may go into cardiac arrest, especially if they have pacemakers or suffer from various heart ailments.
For this reason, stun guns are never supposed to be pointed at an individual’s chest. They also are never supposed to be pointed at an individual’s face or head, and this may have adverse effects on the brain and may leave individuals with permanent ailments.
Some individuals may suffer burns from stun guns. Regardless of the injury an individual suffers as a result of being stunned, he or she may be entitled to financial compensation for police brutality or police negligence. These individuals are advised to seek legal counsel.

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