Taking Steps to Reduce Los Alamitos Car Accidents

Los Alamitos car accident lawyers can tell you that this small city in Orange County, California with just over 12,000 people has a disproportionate number of car accidents. Bordered by the 605 and 405 Freeways, the city often suffers from commuter rush hour traffic and students rushing to school.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, between 2001 and 2003, the had five fatal car accidents. At a rate of 4.3 fatal crashes per 10,000 people, this was slightly higher than the national norm.
Los Alamitos car accident statistics recorded by the California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) revealed that in 2006, one person was killed and 102 were injured in city car collisions. Drug or alcohol-impaired drivers were responsible for six car crash injuries. In addition, four pedestrians, four bicyclists and seven motorcyclists were injured in car accidents. Los Alamitos car collision lawyers have suggested that these collision numbers could be lower.
To improve traffic safety, the city decided to implement a strategy of photo enforcement at some of its accident-prone intersections. The city installed Child In Car Accident Compensation red-light cameras at Bloomfied Avenue and Katella Avenue, and at Los Alamitos Blvd and Katella Avenue. Violators can expect to pay a hefty $446 fine.
Adding to the city’s traffic safety efforts are sobriety checkpoints. One was conducted at Katella and Los Alamitos on September 11th, 2006. Roving DUI Saturation Patrols are also conducted throughout holiday weekends with most of the activity occurring on Saturday. These patrols are part of the “Avoid the 28” DUI Campaign in Orange Types Of Incidents In Workplace County. According to a report of the Orange County Drinking Driver Program Survey, Los Alamitos was among the cities with the highest rates of drivers before they were arrested for driving under the influence. Any car accident attorney will advise you that getting a DUI is a serious offense with many long-term repercussions.
To ensure the safety of children going to school, Los Alamitos has assigned a number of crossing guards at key intersections. Unfortunately, crossing guards and their directions are often ignored, placing children at risk. Police remind all motorists near schools that driving through an intersection after a crossing guard has stepped out into the crosswalk is a violation under California Vehicle Code (CVC) number 22101. Violators can be ticketed and fined from $300 to $350. Drivers should also realize that as long as the crossing guard has the sign up, right turns are forbidden.
One of the most dangerous school intersections is at the corner of Bloomfield and Katella, which is now staffed with two crossing guards and a camera. The Police Department and the city’s crossing guards are determined to improve the safety of children going to and from school. Los Alamitos car accident attorneys want to remind everyone in the community to follow the instructions of crossing guards and obey the law.

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