The First Things To Do After You Have a Car Accident

x240-kG2.jpg” width=”1032px” alt=””/>You are in Baton Rouge and you have had a motor accident. It was not your fault so why do you need a car accident lawyer and injury attorney, you have insurance after all? Well strange as it may seem, not everyone is going to stand up and admit that a motor accident was their fault. In fact, if they have their own car accident lawyer they are not going to be making any admissions of fault. So you are left trying to prove to your motor insurance policy holder that you are the innocent party and obtain your expenses and compensation.
It gets even worse if you were injured in any way. Even if you are not injured after a motor accident, it is a wise move to get yourself medically checked out as soon as possible. Some, even serious, injuries can hide themselves beneath cuts and bruises and stress Attorney At Law Business Card can cause some pretty nasty side effects. You are going to need even a few days off of work and someone really should recompense you for your loss of wages, discomfort, injuries, expenses, etc. etc. So in the words of the “ghost busters” who you going to call?
First contact should be to your car accident lawyer, who will advise you what to do and say at the scene of the accident. Usually you should say as little as possible so that what you do say is not later construed as an admission of guilt. What you should do is take names and contact details of witnesses and as many photographs as you are physically able to do. If you are too badly injured to do this, your car accident lawyer will visit you in hospital to take all of these details from you.
If the other parties in the accident contact you, do not agree to anything, however great or reasonable it sounds until you have consulted with your car What To Do After A Minor Car Accident accident lawyer in Baton Rouge. They will advise you on this matter. Be sure that you do not waive your rights to any claims, costs or expenses.
If you have injuries, your car accident lawyer will appoint an injury attorney for you so that you can start a claim for personal injuries. You may be entitled to claim for lost and future income, even if you are self-employed or a student. You will almost certainly be entitled to claim for current and future, relevant medical bills, physical rehabilitation and home care. You might even be able to claim for some of your living expenses and any additional expenses that the motor accident has left you with. No wonder that the other party’s injury attorney may ask you to settle quickly. They might even be at the medical emergency room, waiting for you to surface from your initial tests and procedures!
In the incredibly litigious country that is the USA, it is important that you have the protection of your Baton Rouge car accident lawyers and accident attorneys so keep their contact details in your car – better still in your cell phone!

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