The Largest Ever Payouts for Personal Injury Claims

You may be entitled to compensation if you have had an accident that wasn’t your fault. Each year companies and individuals pay out compensation to those affected on the road, at home, at work or on holiday.
As long your injuries were not your fault, you can seek the advice of a solicitor to put together your case. Each claim is unique and the payout depends Questions To Ask Insurance Adjuster entirely on the situation and the injuries incurred. No two accident claims are ever the same, as small factors can change each individual situation.
Cases in which the payout reaches a substantial sum often make it to the media. These often involve injuries that have caused the claimant life long suffering mentally, physically or emotionally. Often the claimants are affected in their every day lives as a result.
These are just some examples of large payouts as a result of serious accident claims.
According to This Is Bristol, a teenager was awarded a ‘substantial’ sum after making a brain injury claim said to have been caused by a local GP at birth. Marcus Glassenbury was left with cerebral palsy, which is said to be caused by the brain injury he incurred just after his birth. The cerebral palsy was a direct result of his brain injuries. Similar brain injury cases are said to have won more than A�1 million in compensation.
A medical researcher who suffered brain damage after waiting almost two hours for an ambulance is said to be receiving a multi million pound payout, according to the Islington Tribune. Caren Paterson is now in a brain injury clinic and is said to have round the clock care as a direct result of her injuries. Medical staff did not treat her sooner as they were waiting for police back up. According to the Islington Tribune, a similar case was awarded A�4 million after medical staff failed to spot a brain hemorrhage in Cristina Malcolm.
A recent road accident claimant reported by Worcester News is asking for a substantial amount in compensation. The man was hit by a lorry on a zebra crossing, has lost full use of his arm and is claiming for personal injury. He is said to be seeking around A�300,000.
Recently a female horse rider was awarded A�60, 000 in compensation after breaking her neck in a horse riding accident, according to the Horse & Hound Magazine. The accident occurred after the horse clipped the barrels that were not weighted down properly at a horse riding school. The horse and the claimant fell as a result. According to Injuries Direct, the claimant, Maxine Wright, suffered two broken vertebrae and was out of work for four months as a result.
A Lincolnshire woman, known only as Mrs P, has recently won A�100, 000 in compensation after an operation on her foot left her with one foot shorter Is An Attorney And A Lawyer The Same Thing than the other, according to The Co-Operative. The result came 28 years after the accident, showing that claims are not always successful immediately.
Claimants should seek professional medical advice before explaining their brain injury claim to a solicitor.

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