The Major Cause of Road Accidents During the Rainy Season

Bad weather can be an intimidating thing to drive through. Many people have to bear sun, snow, and rain to get to work or to school on a daily I Got Rear Ended How Much Money Will I Get basis. Though you can’t control the weather, there are maintenance methods you can perform to help keep you safe, especially when it rains.
During rain, one of the most important features that need to be working are your windshield wipers. You need these to make your visibility clear when the rain is strong and water starts running down your windshield making it very hard to see.
Because wipers are prone to wear and tear, you need to replace them regularly. Regular use, or exposure to the sun and heat can quickly wear out the rubber blade of your wipers making them ineffective in wiping off rain. Therefore, don’t forget to replace them when needed.
Your tires are also important in making sure you don’t slip on the road when it rains. The rain can combine with all kinds of slippery lubricants such as oil and grease making the road a hazard to travel through.
Many accidents happen due to slippery roads. There are also the deep puddles that need to Pain And Suffering Emotional Distress be avoided as they can make your vehicle float which is one way to get into an accident.
In order to avoid slipping, your tires should have adequate tread. There are also special tires which are especially effective against rain. When you can stick a penny in a tire tread and see most of Lincoln’s head, you know it’s time to buy new tires.
Braking in rain can be difficult if the brake pads of your car are worn. During rain, it’s easy for the brake pads to get wet making it even harder to stop when you want to.
Sliding is one of the main causes for accidents during rainy season. To avoid this happening to you, make sure to have regular check-ups and have your brake pads replaced once they are worn out.

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