The Minefield of Accident Claims

As accident claims become increasingly popular, the process of claiming may seem more daunting than ever. It’s no surprise given the bombardment of advertising that we’re exposed to daily, encouraging us to make a claim that the world of accident claims seems more of a minefield than ever. Constant advertising has made us all acutely aware that we can claim, but we’re still in the dark about what we can claim for.
Actually, the range of accidents you can claim for is probably much more diverse than you imagined. There’s the obvious ‘trip or fall anywhere’: private landowners as well as local authorities have the legal responsibility to maintain roads and pavements to ensure their safety. Equally common is the road traffic accident: drivers, riders, passengers and pedestrians all have the right to claim for injuries received and any loss of income incurred following the accident. The other ‘golden oldie’ is work related back injuries. Such claims are actually subdivided into two categories: severe back strain caused by over strenuous activity, leading to acute back pain and temporary inability to work and structural problems in the back being worsened by work, causing lifelong chronic back pain. In either case, if the victim wasn’t properly trained or the employer didn’t take the appropriate steps to protect their employee then it is possible to claim.
There are several other circumstances in which a claim can be made. Food poisoning, defective home equipment, children’s toys, dangerous or inadequate repairs to cars, Personal Injury Definition even carbon monoxide poisoning can all be claimed for, providing liability of a third party such as manufacturer, retailer, mechanic or landlord can be proven.
Parents and other adults responsible for minors also have the right to claim on behalf of a child under 18 who has been injured in an accident. In fact children are often awarded compensation in situations where adults would not be because judges often rule that they are less able to perceive the danger of a given situation and are consequently more vulnerable to injury.
Whilst the rights of the victim are paramount, in the case of fatal accidents those close to victim may claim. Spouses of victims, as well as parents to victims aged under eighteen are Personal Injury Arguments entitled to claim £10,000 bereavement award in cases or accidents at work or on the road, in addition to a claim for any financial loss if they were dependent on the victim.
Contrary to popular belief, even those victims of injury which took place abroad may be able to make a claim. People injured during a package holiday or even on a cruise liner can claim provided they can prove that a failure to reach local standards contributed to their accident. However, it is worth acting quickly as such claims must be made within three years of the accident.

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