The Strangest Personal Injury Claims

Do you wonder what type of accidents are called as a personal injury? Here is the list of top strangest claims made in the last year. Personal injury claims have hit the news headlines frequently in the last year, because a big number of fake claims have raised insurance costs for everyone.
But, among the false cases, you will find still a lot of genuine accident claims made, so how to tell the difference? so here is the list and I have to say they are quite wierd.
1. An aged gentleman was hurt when his mobility scooter suddenly caught What Rules Do Lawyers Have To Follow fire and he had to be pulled down from the combustion by eye witnesses.
2. A woman in the hot tub of her fitness center sustained an injury when she was drawn into the filter, wounding her back.
3. A man riding on his scooter was hurt when a barrier ahead of him suddenly lowered without alerting. It knocked him off his scooter hurting him badly.
4. A man was hurt when the barrier without warning hit Hurt Back At Work his head while he was leaving his local chemist.
5. An elderly woman was trapped in the lift doors for over 15 minutes in her local Bingo hall.
6. A man was injured while decorating his bathroom when the floor under his foot collapsed. It left him hanging to the ceiling floor until the fire brigade came for his rescue.
7. A man previously injured was walking with his children on crutches through the park after a nightclub dancing when his crutch got trapped in a hole. Failing to release it, the man fell over again injuring his other leg.
8. A woman slipped in the large gravy mess on the floor while walking through a restaurant. She sustained injuries in her back when she hit the floor.
9. A man was hurt while loading products in to a truck when a fellow driver drove off the vehicle without noticing him working in the back. The person eventually fell out of the moving vehicle injuring himself very badly.
10. A man standing on a balcony fell down when the balcony collapsed suddenly taking him with it.
There is a lot of misconception and hype going on around personal injury sector. People who are in need to claim get frightened by these scary and negative stories. However, if you want to claim for your personal injuries here are the top ten myths you should take out of your mind before you even think of them.
1. You need to go to court to win compensation for your accident claims. Well, No. Absolutely not. You do not have to go to court in order to win compensation. Often cases end up out of court settlement and this doesn’t cost a penny to the claimant.
2. Every personal injury claim is complex and time consuming. This is very much a false statement. Most claims settle within 8 to 12 months if there are no liability issues.
3. Insurers will settle the compensation fairly so why to hire a solicitor. Absolutely wrong. They have special departments to deal with your settlement to negotiate to the best possible deal for the insurance company. This is why it is essential for you to hire a solicitor to get you the right compensation.
4. You cannot make your claim against your boss.

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