Things You Need To Do When Involved In Auto Accident

Auto accidents can and will happen with anyone. We can’t predict what can happen in a collision of vehicles, but Who Pays Costs In Personal Injury Claims by being prepared for what happens afterward may reduce stress and anxiety becoming a less traumatic experience.
First thing you need to do sounds silly but very important, which is to remain calm and don’t leave the scene. Turn off the engine and make sure your passengers are fine. In some cases, passengers don’t notice they are hurt. If there are injuries, call 911 and tell the operator the location and the extent of the injuries. Finally, ask the operator to send an officer. If you need an ambulance, you need to explain to the operator calmly.
The second thing you need to do is to make sure you are in a safe place. Take steps to protect your vehicle from further damage by setting up flares, moving it off the road, and calling a tow truck if necessary. Don’t exit the vehicle until you are out of traffic. If you haven’t already done, call 911 and ask the operator to send an officer. Leave the car with a copy of you auto insurance and auto registration on your pocket.
The third thing you need to do is to document the accident by collecting as much information as possible. Always carry a pen, a notepad and a small disposable camera (only if your cell phone doesn’t have a good camera flash) in your glove compartment. Exchange information with the other driver – name, address, telephone numbers, and driver license. If you don’t have a notepad or pen, you can take pictures of the drive license, auto insurance, license plate, car make and model, police officer name and batch number.
Fourth, when the police arrive, explain exactly what happened. Don’t exaggerate; be specific. The police will ask questions and determine who was at fault. Ask the officer when you are able to obtain the copy of the policy report. Usually, it Personal Injury Defenses may take 3 to 5 days for the police report to be ready. Don’t miss looking for a witnesses (gather their contact information), because insurance companies still may deny your claim for no reason, and having a witness will stronger your case.
Last, notify your insurance company there has been an accident. Call an auto accident attorney to ask any further questions about your rights. If you are an immigrant, you also have your rights. Any person in United States who is involved in a auto accident, have the rights to file insurance claims, obtain policy reports, and have medical care.
Auto accidents are traumatic, but by following the steps above will reduce the stress and anxiety of getting involved in an accident.

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