Thunderstorms and Aviation Accidents

Air traffic control primarily functions to maintain the flow of traffic in instrument-flight rule situations. Their main focus is keeping aircraft from taking the same course in situations of low to no visibility. This suggests that in moments of severe weather it is the responsibility of the pilot to avoid dangerous What Percentage Do Slater And Gordon Take situations caused by these conditions. Air traffic control can be a helpful resource for pilots in severe weather, but they are not a fail safe. In fact, recent examples of fatalities due to severe weather in instrument-flight rule situations have occurred even when pilots were in contact with air traffic control.
ATC is not a panacea for avoiding dangerous weather because of the limitations of their weather monitoring device and their intended role. Pilots should know that not all ATC stations are equipped with the same caliber of radar systems used to detect weather. Also, these systems can detect the presence of precipitation, but they do not indicate storm intensity or isolated areas of turbulence and potential regions that could cause icing. It is the responsibility of the pilot to assess these conditions, before hand when possible.
Even in the cases when pilots were communicating with ATC facilities in the midst of severe weather, many missteps in communication were taken in asking for and relaying information about the thunderstorm they were encountering. The National Transportation Safety Board makes several suggestions on how to avoid threatening weather situations. One of the most noteworthy suggestions is to know the scale that is used by controllers to describe weather intensity. Also note that controllers are responsible to indicate to the pilot if they do not have intensity information to provide.
It is crucial for the pilot to communicate to ATC their visibility and asking for the proper amount of assistance from the controller. Miscommunication and Workers Compensation Benefits lack of diligence in communication was a major factor in many of the fatal accidents that have recently resulted from flights that encounter thunderstorms.

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