Turn Signal Defects and Failure to Signal

Most people consider turn signals primarily tools of convenience and courtesy, rather than serious safety devices. Unfortunately, this often causes drivers to neglect their blinkers, both in usage and in inspection for possible defects caused by Personal Injury Publications poor manufacturing processes. Both of these issues (lack of use and presence of defects) can create dangerous situations on the road for the drivers of the vehicle, and for other motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians that may cross its path.
Failing to appropriately use a vehicle’s blinker is a common habit among reckless and distracted drivers. Blinkers should be used whenever a driver is planning to turn, merging on or off a freeway, changing lanes, or pulling into or out of a parallel parking spot. If a signal is not used in these situations, the risk of an accident occurring will be increased significantly. For example, Who Pays Costs In Personal Injury Claims if a vehicle is behind a driver who fails to signal, they may run into the back of that car when it suddenly stops to make a turn. If a driver starts to change lanes without signaling, a car that is in an adjacent lane will not have a chance to take evasive action to avoid being hit. In these situations, the reckless driver may be found liable for damages caused in an accident.
A defective turn signal may have similar consequences to those that occur when a person fails to signal. In these cases, though, the negligent manufacturer responsible for producing the faulty part can be found liable, instead of the reckless driver. Though automotive component recalls are generally well-publicized, not all defects are caught in time to keep dangerous parts out of the hands of consumers. While drivers are likely to recognize the risks of defective tires or airbags, and keep a careful eye on those components, they rarely consider the fact that they should frequently check to make sure they are working properly.
If an accident is caused by either a reckless driver failing to use a turn signal or a blinker system failing due to manufacturing defects, there is a possibility that the victim may be able to receive compensation from the liable party. An experienced legal professional can help those involved in accidents explore their legal options and guarantee that the problem is brought to the attention of the relevant authorities.

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