Under-ride Truck Accidents

x240-kG2.jpg” width=”1027px” alt=””/>Accidents involving large trucks are particularly frightening to drivers and truckers alike. As these vehicles are significantly larger than smaller cars, motorcycles, or even the largest SUVs on the road, an accident involving Workers Compensation Settlements a truck causes some of the greatest forces in a collision that can happen on a highway. In particular, if a driver rear ends a truck, unlike accidents with normal cars, the results can be extremely dangerous if not fatal.
Unless the driver is piloting a large SUV or pick-up truck, the front of most cars falls below the bottom of a truck. Most injury-avoiding crash systems installed in the front of a car are made to reduce the force of the accident on the driver. However, in a crash with the back of a truck, under-ride can occur, and these safety systems may not deploy. Under-ride occurs when the front of the car goes under the back of the truck, causing the back of the truck to strike the passenger cabin of the car. Under-ride accidents are particularly dangerous because they primarily result in head, brain, and neck injuries in victims.
To combat the possible injuries of under-ride accidents, many truckers have been required to install additional guards to effectively extend around the bottom of the truck. With these precautions in place, if an accident occurs, the front of the car will strike the back of the truck. The passengers in the car Personal Injury Coverage Homeowners do not slide under the bottom of the truck in these situations, meaning that they are in significantly less danger of major injuries. These guards usually extend all around the bottom of the truck to protect even the corners of a truck, which can be hit if a driver is changing lanes into the back of a truck.
To learn more about accident liability and under-ride accidents, contact a truck accident attorney.

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