VTOL Single Person Expandable Wing Evacuation System Described

Accident Near Davidson Saskatchewan needed to be evacuated. Perhaps you’ve seen the UAVs with four motors on them? The reason this design works so well is that the platform is completely stable. In many regards these for UAVs would act as one system, connected by the foldable and expandable stretcher and wing.
The foldable platform could be placed on the ground near a large accident, the victim on top, and the UAVs could land and be hooked to the apparatus. Once the accident victim was strapped in, the system could fly away to its intended destination, the nearest Car Accident Injury Claim hospital. Is such a concept feasible with our current technology you ask? Yes it is. In fact the same system could be used in the modern battle space to evacuate injured soldiers. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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