What Is Dram Shop Liability?

The term “dram shop liability” is often discussed in the news or other settings, but may not be an everyday phrase that you are used to. What is dram shop liability and what does it mean to me? Dram shop liability is the legal responsibility placed on establishments Can You Counter Offer An Insurance Settlement that serve alcohol to protect public well-being against drunk driving accidents and other alcohol-related dangers. Essentially, bars and taverns can be held at least partially responsible for the actions of their customers if they were served too much to drink.
Each state has particular regulations and limits to dram shop liability, but it is becoming increasingly common throughout the United States. This addition to many states’ drug and alcohol regulations adds a level of protection for victims of alcohol-related crimes. An individual who is involved in a drunk driving accident may not have the resources to fully compensate the victim of their actions. By holding the establishment responsible for their part in this incident, a drunk driving victim may have a better chance of receiving the compensation they need.
The amount of liability that a bar or tavern may have depends on the individual state regulations. Some states only hold establishments responsible for the actions of underage drinkers, because they have failed to uphold state laws. Other states hold establishments responsible Car Accident Both Drivers No Insurance for a wide range of people and actions. It is important for every person to know the statutes that govern dram shop liability in their state so that, in the unfortunate event of an accident, individuals are able to pursue every available avenue for compensation.
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