What Is The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme?

How To Mentally Recover From A Car Accident can include the fact that the applicant was to blame for the incident or for the injuries he sustained, or that the applicant failed to co-operate with police. If the applicant didn’t report the incident at the time and there is no police record, he is unlikely to be eligible for compensation. Once the authority has decided to investigate a case further it will look into witness statements and hospital records.
It can take the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority a long time to investigate claims, and most cases will take around a year to complete. In some very complex cases, it may take even longer for a final decision to be reached.
What compensation is awarded?
The amount of compensation which will be awarded depends on the types of injuries sustained, and any financial loss which you have suffered as a result of those injuries. Financial loss can include lost earnings due to time being off work, medical bills and expenses and the cost of providing special equipment to help rehabilitate you after your injury.
The Criminal Injuries Compensation authority has a minimum award of A�1000 and if the injury and financial loss are worth less than this, the applicant will not receive any compensation. The maximum award which the tribunal can make is A�500,000.
What happens if I disagree with a decision about compensation?
It is possible to appeal against a decision not to award compensation, or to limit the amount of compensation awarded. When a decision is appealed, the authority will first arrange for a review. This means that someone who was not connected with the original decision will consider the evidence Best Personal Injury Lawyer Phoenix and the paperwork and will determine whether the original decision was correct in the circumstances. If the review results in the same outcome as the original decision, it is possible to take the case to an independent tribunal called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel.

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