Winter Brings a Rise in Personal Injury Claims

Injury claim specialists are seeing a massive increase in the number of personal injury complaints being made against the council after a winter of fierce snow and ice. The majority of complaints are focused on two areas; pot holes and un-gritted surfaces. These two factors are often common at winter but the fierceness of the snow and ice has made the winter of 09/10 especially difficult and the council has not been able to keep up with the weather. The number of personal injury claims from people who have fallen on the pavement or had their car damaged by large potholes has increased massively over the past month and keeps on growing as the bad weather continues.
With a colder winter than most of us were expecting, most local councils ran very low on their salt supplies and as such, a lot of smaller roads and pavements were left without any grit on them. This resulted in a large number of falls, slips and injuries as people suffered because of the ice and snow. In previous winters, the councils have had enough salt to cover all areas where the public walk and drive however with the low supplies; most councils have focused on the main roads only. This has left many areas without grit for the entire winter, and the people who have been injured as a result claim that they have been neglected by the council. Whilst the council may be able to claim that they were trying to protect the highest number of people, leaving some pavements un-gritted for two months is unjustifiable.
Also unjustifiable is the state of the roads in the UK, something which has been deteriorating for decades. Before this harsh winter there was already a plan in place to improve our roads but this was scheduled to take 11 years at a cost of A�1 billion. Now this job seems Personal Injury Defence even more expensive and far-off. When water freezes on the road’s surface and then melts, it can leave pot holes, and this is what has happened up and down the UK. Some are so big that cars have been written off because the damage the pot holes have caused has been so bad.
These two factors alone have seen local councils becoming inundated with personal injury and accident claims with people seeking compensation Types Of Power Of Attorney for their injuries or vehicle damage, and if the cold weather continues these claims are only going to keep on coming.

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