X Driven Vehicle Black Box Recorder

A New Gadget is now on the scene for all you D.I.Y. people out there. It is called “X Driven.” It is a high resolution video camera with an in-built microphone, G.P.S. location recorder and shock sensor that attaches easily to the windscreen of a vehicle. It could be used for several different types of application, quick simple tracking with no ongoing costs.
X-Driven’s high-resolution video camera has a wide angle lens (150º Horizontal) and offers optimum visibility across the frontal sides of the vehicle for maximum coverage in case of an unexpected accident or event.
The 1.3 mega-pixel camera records video, date, time as well as monitoring the driving behavior. The recorded images are capable of clearly identifying the number plate of another motor vehicle in front, up to a full car length away with all road signs ahead, while the in-built G.P.S. module stores the location and all relevant G.P.S. co-ordinates along with speed and direction. The unit combines the collected data, video, audio and G-Force and records it to the compact SD card installed within (up to 16 Gigabytes).
When the SD Card is removed from the unit and inserted into a computer, the required viewing software and all the recorded data from the supplied SD memory card is automatically downloaded. Video, audio, speed and driving habits can then be displayed along with the location. The software program that is provided is simple and easy to use in setting various functions including user-oriented separate storage, printing and screen shots. You can track your vehicle movements with Google Maps (in real time) while watching video of where it was at the time on the screen. You can even listen to audio if you chose to record it at the same time. Because the data is downloaded and saved to your computer, you can easily back up events, video, images, audio and G.P.S. for later review.
Accident Data How To Negotiate Personal Injury Settlement Without An Attorney Replay
If an accident was to occur, heaven forbid, then this device automatically detects it through an impact sensor and records and saves images before and after the event. The device records and stores detailed G.P.S. location, time, and speed at the time of accident.
Manual Image Storage
Even without physical impact to a vehicle from an accident, the device records and saves images manually pushing the Emergency Button.
Vehicle Operation Information Storage
The device records and stores certain vehicle motion including sudden acceleration, braking and sharp turns, as well as back and forth, right and left and up down vibrations.
The X-Driven is a functional and conveniently adaptable witness black box recorder catering to not only individual drivers but also the larger commuter and transport fleets for added safety, security and peace of mind. If you have you ever needed to go to court to dispute a traffic accident or perhaps even a fine from a police speed trap, then I am sure this handy device would pay for itself in the long run, unless of course you are actually guilty. But if you have been wronged, then X Driven should be able to prove your innocence.
There are no G.S.M. data or S.M.S. messaging costs, no expensive installation costs as the easy D.I.Y. installation makes it a breeze, it can even be transferred Proving A Personal Injury Case between vehicles. The X Driven is the only system that combines high resolution video and audio with a G.P.S. tracking and driver monitoring system.
All the best with your D.I.Y. Projects.

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