Your Role in Auto Accident Investigation and Reconstruction

Having witnessed a car collision can be a very upsetting experience. Crash victims can have suffered from serious injuries, knocked down unconscious, or their car can burst into flames. Anyone who has witnessed or is witnessing a car crash is automatically subjected under legal and moral obligation to provide as much assistance as they can. They need to remain calm and alert to take note all the details regarding the incident.
As a witness of a car crash, regardless if you are a motorist, a pedestrian, or just a bystander, you must assess the situation and try to offer assistance in any way you can. You should never drive Attorney Uk Salary or leave the place. An individual’s life could be at stake, which is why it is crucial to stay when it is safe and approach the vehicle. You can then look to see how many people are inside the car.
Let’s take a typical Seattle car crash scenario. First, you should tap on the windshield or the windows and see if the driver and his passengers are conscious. If they are, try to open the door or make a way to get them out. Seriously injured victims have to be moved out of the car as soon as possible, but are delicate to be moved. So you have to either run for help or call paramedics and/or the police.
After the victims have been extracted out of the car safely and while waiting for the authorities, gather all evidences in the area as much as you can. If you have any pocket camera or cellular phone with you, take photos of the scenario in different angles, along with the damaged properties, street signs, skid marks and other evidences that may have significant information on vehicular accident investigation and reconstruction. Your camera will have a great importance in the case.
As soon as the paramedics, police and forensic experts arrive, be prepared to provide them all collated evidences, such as the photos, to give them a detailed account of everything you have witnessed. The paramedics will want to know what procedures you have done to help the crash victims and how long it has been after the collision occurred. The police and forensic experts, on the other hand, will need to take a statement from you, which can be done either at the crash site or at the police station.
Surrender the photographs and solid evidences; mention the time, scenario, events and anything else relevant to the case. If another vehicle was involved, you have to point out that individual, along with the other important factors contributing to the accident, such as the roadway, weather, ground condition, person or animals within the vicinity, etc. If you could not provide apparent reason for the car crash, Defense Arguments the police may suspect an alcohol or drug influence. All of the things that you have provided will be taken into account by the authorities as they build their police report. Your statement and your evidences can be used in generating reconstruction, simulations and hypotheses regarding collision, so it depends on you if the driver may walk away without charges, a warning, or prosecution for reckless driving.

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